The Story

Shabari Mitra, Amrita Ray, & Sumana De Mallick.

What they share in common is a passion for art , entrepreneurial skills, people management skills .This brought them together to conceptualize “Bong Srijani” 2020.

Following section illutrate the Bio of individual team member

Shabari Mitra

Shabari is the director and founder of an organization, ‘Beyond My Boundary’ registered in Belgium which focuses on social issues. She comes with a long and diverse range of experience of working with people from different spheres of life. She connects with people and understands deep human values. Born and brought up in a multicultural atmosphere in India, and now settled in Belgium .She has widely travelled across Europe and India to capture the uniqueness in diversity. 

Shabari studied computer science, followed by post graduation in public relations.

Amrita Ray

MSc Chemistry by qualification and Entrepreneur by profession… believes in exercising the creative side of the brain, passionate to evolve every day…Music is the soul of life and fortunate enough to be a Prabhakar, so is the rhythm in form of dance which unwinds the stress… Being in a foreign soil, nothing could stop in achieving German B2 level and be versant with the surrounding…Travelling around the world had always been dream and have covered quite a few…Creator of “Knockdown by Lockdown” group helped in enhancing the interest and passion for drawing, video editing, cooking and many more…  Glad to connect with the kids & their moms and happy to nurture them with love and care. Co-founder of Sanrays activity centre, is what gives happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Sumana De Mallick

Sumana De Mallick is a home baker specializing in designer cake,now living in Belgium. Any kind of creative work excites her. She works as a content writer. She also works as an editor of Bong Srijani Magazine in an honorary basis.